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Grandmaster Chris Noonan

Grandmaster Chris Noonan photo Grandmaster Chris Noonan

Grandmaster Chris Noonan (8th Dan)

Grandmaster Chris Noonan has been training in Taekwondo since the age of 15 years old. he is considered to be a fortunate Grandmaster who still continues to train with his original Taekwondo Grandmaster (Senior Grandmaster Chi Kwan Yun 9th Dan). 


Grandmaster Chris has been teaching Taekwondo since 1996. Grandmaster Chris's main focus has been on a concept taught to him several years ago as CANI. This stands for Constant and Never Ending Improvement. A true value of martial arts. 


Grandmaster Chris prides himself and his team on being able to teach anyone. No one should be turned away from classes. Classes hold so many qualities for the young, old, sore and challenged. 


Leading by example is a true moto of a martial artist. Grandmaster Chris believes in being able to teach and train at a personal level as well as passing this quality onto his students. 


The title Grandmaster is not mail delivered. It is an honour that Grandmaster Chris has worked hard towards. Grandmaster Chris has earnt this tittle through working hard and establishing his good name with his martial arts peers. 


Credentials summary 

- Jidokwan 8th Dan Taekwondo - Grandmaster Chi Kwan Yun

- Kikkiwon 6th Dan Taekwondo - Grandmaster Chi Kwan Yun

- 1st Dan Judo - Kagastu Judo Club - 1980s

- Red 3 Hapkido - Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee

- Brazillian Jujitsu - Master Fari Salievski

- Level 2 Ukidokan Karate - Benny the Jet Urquidez

- NCAS accreditation

- Cert 3 in fitness 

- Cert 3 in Coaching (Specialising in Martial Arts) 

Proffessional experience

- Commercial Chef (30 years)

- Bachelors degree in Social Welfare

- Diploma in Counselling 

- Advance study major in Grief and Loss, Relationships and Drug and Alcohol.

- Distance education Life Coaching



- 1998 Commonwealth gold medalist

- 2000 Asia Pacific Masters - Gold medalist (Forms), Silver (breaking), Bronze ( team forms)

Since 2000s Grandmaster Chris has held many tittles in ISKA, NAS, 

As you can see Grandmaster Chris leads by example.

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