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Master Jocelyne Noonan

Master Jocelyne  Noonan  photo Master Jocelyne Noonan

My name is Master Jocelyne Noonan and I’ve been training at Noonan’s martial arts since 2007.
For the last 12 years I’ve been training because helps me stay fit, strong and it’s really helped me with my self-confidence.

As a child I used to love watching martial arts movies. Bruce Lee Was one of my idols. Then I met GrandMaster Chris and he became my mentor, friend and unexpectedly he also became the love of my life.

My goals in life is to continue to to improve myself through training and teaching others. I love watching how martial arts changes lives by improving people’s self esteem and self worth.

My greatest achievement was competing in the Masters Tournament in Queensland in 2014.

I incorporate training and martial arts into my daily life by practicing my patterns. Martial arts has brought a lot to my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it.

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Click here for MONTHLY Special

$29 for 2 weeks, includes a Free uniform. Come and enjoy our family based martial arts school. Fun for the whole family. Separate classes for all ages. Sweat, Smile, Learn. Team NMA 1/24 Hope Street, Seven Hills, 2147. 040 113 2243 #noonansmartialarts,, (Facebook) Noonan's Martial Arts.

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