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Hirtik Singh

Hirtik  Singh  photo Hirtik Singh

Something about Hirtik

Hirtik has been training for 11 years now. Hirtik started in the Dragon’s classes (7yrs – 10 yrs). Hirtik originally started training as his parents wanted him to learn to defend himself. Hirtik now understanding the importance of learning that skill.


Hirtik said “I am so grateful that my parents led me to this path because I have learned important skills throughout my journey, and most importantly, to defend myself if the need arises”


My goals in taekwondo is to train as long as I can, and I would love to get my 4th dan someday. I love to teach because I feel that a black belts greatest duty is to give back and teach other students what you have learned whilst passing on experiences that could resonate with others.


Watching the dragons and little dragons have fun while learning gives me so much joy, because I think of the same memories from all those years ago.


One of my greatest achievements in Taekwondo was earning my Bo can black belt, while being graded Grandmaster Yun, a 9th dan Black Belt.


Finally, Taekwondo can be incorporated into my every day activities. Throughout your journey you learn valuable social skills, make good friends, gain discipline and control while most importantly learning how to protect yourself and those I love.

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Click here for MONTHLY Special

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