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Bella Klein

Bella  Klein photo Bella Klein

About me:

Name: Bella. K

Tme Training: Five years 

Time Instructing: Seven months 

Belt Rank: Black Belt Bo Dan


Why I train:

I started training at Noonan’s Martial Arts because it was recommended by a friend and because it is a family sport. When I first walked into Noonan’s I had no idea what to expect, in that first class not only did I receive a warm welcome from everyone, but I learned of the discipline, patience, creativity and most of all determination needed for Taekwondo. I knew after that class that Taekwondo was the sport for me and I have loved it ever since.


Why I teach:

I started teaching as a way to connect with the younger students of our school and to help them and myself learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo. I am a strong believer in the idea that teaching is one of the best ways to learn and I really enjoy watching and helping the next lot of little Black Belts learn.



- Achieve my second dan black belt by the end of 2020

- Get first place in a competition, when competing with Koryo.

- Relearn Bo (weapon) patterns 2 and 3.


Greatest achievement in training:

I think my greatest achievement in training would have to be getting my Black Belt.


Favourite class:

I personally preference smaller classes so I think my favourite class would have to be the Thursday night classes.


How I incorporate training and martial arts in my daily life:

Martial arts have taught me patience, determination and the ability to uphold a healthy mindset in tough times. I use all of the qualities in my schoolwork, home-life and personal endeavours. I also find that training before an exam helps clear my mind and lets me focus better. Taekwondo as not only taught me strength of the mind but also of the body, which of course keeps me healthy and fit. 


Click here for MONTHLY Special

Click here for MONTHLY Special

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