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Master Lachlan Coker

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Something about Lachlan,

I started training at Noonan’s Martial Arts in 2007 in their kids classes, and was moved up to seniors around 2009 and have been training there ever since. I am currently a 3rd Dan Black belt, and have been assisting in teaching classes for several years and teaching classes for around 2 years. Here I was able to make great friends with other students and my own.

My experience with teaching started when I was scouted to help manage the kid’s classes in my early teens, assisting the instructor taking them. After a few years and with experience I was entrusted to manage classes on my own and have enjoyed taking classes since.

The school is like a second home, as cheesy as that sounds, but the time I’ve spent here is valuable as I have learnt as many life lessons there as I have at my own home.

Through my 12+ years of training it has helped my health and mental state as it was something for me to come back to after school or university. Allowing me to learn new things both mentally and physically, as well as help me to lose weight.

What keeps me going is the encouragement I get from peers and instructors as well as the enjoyment of the students I teach. The feeling of community and enjoyment all keep me coming back.

My greatest achievement thus far, I would have to say is the position I am currently in, as I have been involved with the organisation of several events for the school, and my current rank as a 3rd Dan. Both are hard things to achieve, and I pride myself on being able to accomplish them.

My idols at the school are; Grand Master Chris, as he has been my main instructor and mentor at Noonan’s for as long as I’ve been there. Master Todd, a former instructor who I worked with and was mentored under for teaching. I have modelled my teaching style off of both Master Todd’s and Grand Master Chris’. Master Dean and Master Harry are both my good friends and very competent instructors and martial artists who excel at technique and finesse.


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