Dragon's (7yrs-10yrs)

Our Dragons program is designed to build self confidence and respect. This class has a mixture of martial arts and life skills incorporated in the schedule. 

The children learn a variety of skills such as traditional Taekwondo. Warm up, punching kicking, blocking and evading. There is a sparring component of this class. This is highly monitored by the instructors. Safety gear is worn during sparring.  

The children have a matt chatt at the end of every lesson. This is where the children sit around the instructor and discuss a variety of topics such as:

- Fire Safety

- Anti-drugs

- Traffic

- Stranger danger

- Memory 

There are 20 topics discussed in the classes. 2 topics per month are scheduled. 

Why wait, sign your child up now to start their martial arts journey. 

Click here for MONTHLY Special

Click here for MONTHLY Special

$29 for 2 weeks, includes a Free uniform. Come and enjoy our family based martial arts school. Fun for the whole family. Separate classes for all ages. Sweat, Smile, Learn. Team NMA 1/24 Hope Street, Seven Hills, 2147. 040 113 2243 #noonansmartialarts, http://www.noonansmartialarts.com, (Facebook) Noonan's Martial Arts.

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