On-line Martial Arts Training

Have you ever sat at home and thought to yourself "I can't make it to the school, I have no time". We have the solution. Study on-line with Noonan's Martial Arts. 

How does it work

Grandmaster Chris has made it easy for you to learn. He has created closed Facebook groups for White Belts, Yellow Belts, Blue Belts and Red Belts. 

There is an attachment with the curriculum to the closed Facebook group. Follow along and train at home safety. Grandmaster Chris will walk you through the skills needed for each belt level. Once you feel you have a level of competency, contact Grandmaster Chris through Facebook. Grandmaster Chris will make a decision  for you to grade for the next belt level. 

You can submit the video or do an online Zoom grading with Grandmaster Chris. 

How am I charged for the on-line classes

Grandmaster Chris has devised 2 easy payments for the classes. 

1. Pay per belt level.

This selection is where you will pay $200 for the access to the on-line material and the grading. It would take roughly 12 weeks, Training twice a week to gain a belt level. A grading fee of $20 applies. 

2. Pay fortnightly. 

Grandmaster Chris has made this more affordable for students. There is a fortnightly fee of $30 per student to the school. This includes your color belt grading fee. There is no cancellation fee. A notice of 2 weeks in needed to cancel the billing. 


Please contact Grandmaster Chris directly for more information. 



Dedicated to your success 

Grandmaster Chris

8th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo 

8th Dan Whang Ho Taekwondo 

6th Dan Kukkiwon 




Click here for MONTHLY Special

Click here for MONTHLY Special

$29 for 2 weeks, includes a Free uniform. Come and enjoy our family based martial arts school. Fun for the whole family. Separate classes for all ages. Sweat, Smile, Learn. Team NMA 1/24 Hope Street, Seven Hills, 2147. 040 113 2243 #noonansmartialarts, http://www.noonansmartialarts.com, (Facebook) Noonan's Martial Arts.

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