Taekwondo - General class

Our general Taekwondo class is a family, community style class. This class emphasis's on discipline, respect, courtesy, courage and the spirit of martial arts. 

Our moto is Sweat, Smile, Learn. Grandmaster Chris believes while you're sweating and smiling, your having fun. When you learn something it makes the activity interesting. Hence you will return. 

The class is built of exercises to make us strong and flexible, forms or patterns to encourage muscle memory, and other martial arts drills to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

All of the activities are done in a friendly manner. The idea from Grandmaster Chris is to motivate the students - not dominate. 

Students that have been to Noonan's Martial Arts have noticed Grandmaster Chris's opinion on rigid flexibility.

What is Rigid Flexibility

Rigid flexibility is when a student is capable to do the drills, they are encouraged to complete them to the best of their ability. If the student has any particular ailment, previous injury or challenge - a different drill is given to them. It is martial arts for life. A 45 year old student cannot do the same activity to the same degree as a 18year old. So if you have ailments dont discredit Martial Arts. Come down and give us a try. 

Click here for MONTHLY Special

Click here for MONTHLY Special

$29 for 2 weeks, includes a Free uniform. Come and enjoy our family based martial arts school. Fun for the whole family. Separate classes for all ages. Sweat, Smile, Learn. Team NMA 1/24 Hope Street, Seven Hills, 2147. 040 113 2243 #noonansmartialarts, http://www.noonansmartialarts.com, (Facebook) Noonan's Martial Arts.

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